1. By placing an order or accepting the delivery of an order from Juice and Mods Australia, you agree that our business relationship will be governed by the trading terms, which are on our website (www.juiceandmods.com.au/pages/terms-and-conditions) at the time of making this order.
  2. Any claims arising from an invoice must be made within 2 working days from receipt of delivery.
  3. Trading terms are subject to change without notice, for current terms are available on our website (www.juiceandmods.com.au/pages/terms-and-conditions).
  4. Terms are from the invoice date and all invoices are to be paid on or before the due date stated on the invoice.
  5. Failure to pay an invoice by the due date will result in the following action by Juice and Mods Australia/Bonus Enterprises Pty Ltd: a. referring the debt to a collection agency and/or law firm to recover funds b. you will be liable for all costs which would be incurred as if the debt is collected in full,including legal demand costs and collection agency costs c. overdue accounts will be subject to interest at the rate of 13% p.a., calculated for the period the account is due until the date it is paid.
  6. Juice and Mods Australia can provide credit for items returned (Credit Return) to us in an as new and unopened condition, however this is at the discretion of management and any items taken by a sales rep for credit return could be returned to you by head office with no credit.
  7. Juice and Mods Australia provides warranty support for all products supplied by us directly. A warranty claim is only applicable if the product is faulty. Warranty is not applicable to items that are malfunctioning due to misuse, physical damage or abuse. This warranty lasts for 90 days after the date of initial purchase by an end customer and we may ask for a receipt from the customer to confirm date of purchase or other details.
  8. Juice and Mods Australia provides refurbishment/servicing (e.g. cleaning, coil replacement and new packaging) of products that have been returned by an end customer and found to not be faulty such as change of mind returns. This service is generally free, however we reserve the right to pass on applicable charges for the replacement of missing/damaged parts or packaging.
  9. For products returned for credit return, warranty or refurbishment/service:
  • Juice and Mods Australia reserves the right to confirm the product was supplied by Juice and Mods Australia (e.g. we will check our serial number database). If the product was not supplied by Juice and Mods Australia, we will return the item to you at your expense without credit, warranty or service. We reserve the right to hold the item as security till payment of outstanding invoice or for prepayment of the return shipping.
  • The replacement (for credit returns and warranty claims) or refurbished product (for refurbishment/service) will be send to you with your next order. If you require this item before your next order, we reserve the right to apply shipping costs to your account.
  • Juice and Mods Australia will take the utmost care when packaging ordered goods, however damage may result during transit. Juice and Mods Australia will not be liable for damages not caused by Juice and Mods Australia.