7 Amazing Vape juice Flavour You Can Vape All Days

Whether you are a beginner to vaping or a frequent user, choosing a vape juice flavour can be confusing, especially when there are thousands of them available in the market. Well, of course, the decision would be mostly based on your personal taste, but there are some things to consider while choosing e-juice.

The first factor to consider is the reason you started vaping because, at the end of the day, the idea is to keep the cigarette cravings in control. Most of the time, these cravings are driven by the need for nicotine, so a lot of smokers usually go for flavours that are close to tobacco or menthol to welcome that familiar taste. Vaping is a little different from smoking and it would take some time for even regular smokers to get accustomed to, so choosing a familiar taste at first is the ideal choice for many.

But if you are determined to quit smoking altogether, then it would be better to stay away from typical flavours and choose something else. As you branch out to the flavour umbrella, you can find different fruity and sweet flavours as well that could make your vaping experience an excellent one. Here are some of the most welcomed vaping juice flavours:

  • Tobacco: If you are shifting from smoking for the first time and you need something to help you keep those cravings in check, tobacco is the best option to go for. Why go for something that gives in to the smoke cravings, you may ask. Whether you need a strong, light, or sweet tobacco touch, this vaping flavour helps you keep off of cigarettes while offering the essence of tobacco.
  • Menthol: There’s nothing that tops a cooling sensation that menthol flavours give and that’s exactly why they have a class of their own. Ranging from light cool mint to full-on icy blast, you can find a lot of chilling e-juice flavours in the menthol category.
  • Candy: Sweet flavours like caramel, cotton candy, and such can bring back the nostalgia of our childhood days and that’s why a lot of adults, no matter what age they belong to, are fond of candy e-juice flavours. You are getting the fun and rush of candies without the cavities.
  • Desserts: Even if you start your vaping journey with tobacco or menthol flavours, most of the vapers progress into the world of dessert and sweet flavours after a while. You don’t have to wait for special occasions to get a hold of your favourite desserts; all you got to do is find that little bottle of vape juice. Donuts, custards, pies, cheesecakes, cookies and cream - the list goes on.
  • Drinks: Are you even surprised at this point that e-juice manufacturers have drink-flavoured vape juices? From coffee, tea, strawberry milk to soda, whiskey, and a variety of cocktails, these flavours can help you control more than nicotine cravings.
  • Foods: There are already candy, desserts, and beverages, why not some main course as well? If you’re someone who is fond of inhaling your favourite food flavours like french toast, bacon etc, you would love the meal-inspired e-juices.
  • Fruit: Fruit-flavoured vape juices do not simply add a bit of sweetness to your vaping experience, but also has some of their own characteristics. Strawberry and watermelon being some of the most commonly used fruit flavours, there are many that taste like real fruit. Including some exotic flavours, you can find a lot of exciting combinations.

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  • Nov 23, 2021
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